About Barker Tire Pros Muffler & Tire City

Our History

Sammy Barker, former Princeton police officer, was employed by the Mercer County Sheriff's Dept. when he started the Barkers' Ashland Gas Station in 1979, then he moved from Barkers' Ashland to Barkers' Texaco in 1980. When Sammy's son, Jackie Barker, after having worked in the coal mines for seven years, was laid off, he started working for Sammy at the gas station. In January of 1986, Jackie Barker opened Barkers' Muffler City and a few years later, in 1989, Barkers' Texaco closed for business. However, during this time, Muffler City expanded so well that in September 1990, Jackie started another business, which he called Barker's Tire City in another Princeton location. Due to support from the community, in November 2002, we expanded into our current location, 725 Rogers Street, and combined the two businesses together, which is doing business today as Barker Tire Pros Muffler and Tire City.

I feel the Lord has definitely given us favor through the business years and has blessed us in so many different ways. We constantly strive, on a daily basis, to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated, which is by being honest and fair.

Barker's Muffler & Tire City